What is a Binomo app and what are the advantages?


One of the best opportunity for traders who trade online, Binomo is a safe and user friendly platform. Binomo does not only offer a great deal of assets to get trading more enjoyable but it also provides security and approaches with honesty to its customers. 

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Binomo was founded in 2014 as a branch company of Dolphin Corp. The headquarter of binomo.com is in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Just after a year of its establishment, Binomo company was selected as the best platform for beginners at FE Awards in 2015. In 2016, Binomo was selected as the trading platform of the year at the IAIR awards. The company is also an “A” category member of the Financial Commision. This means that the traders rights are secure and under the guarantee of the IFC.

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Benefits of the Binomo App

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Binomo app was designed for the people who want to enjoy online trading via their smartphones or tablets and launched in 2019. Binomo app can be found both in Google Play Store and App Store. Compared to the desktop version it has pros and cons but it doesn’t change the fact that a trader can trade not only from home, but also anywhere! Let’s check the benefits of the Binomo app in this review:

  • The opportunity to trade whenever and wherever you want.
  • Available both for iOS and Android devices.
  • It can be installed both on a tablet or phone.
  • Notifies traders constantly about the tournaments, promotions and transactions.

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  • It is unavailable for the traders from the US and several European countries.
  • It is not as detailed as the desktop version. Some functions are limited when compared to the desktop version.

Where to download the Binomo app for iOS

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The Binomo app for iOS users can be installed legally from the Apple Store. Search “Binomo” on the tool bar or click on the link to download the app. 

Download Binomo apk for Android

Occasionally, some Android users confront a problem while downloading the Binomo app on Google Play Store. In such circumstances, Binomo Apk can be used as an alternative to Binomo mobile app. Binomo Apk is only available for android users and can be downloaded through this link: https://binomo.com/en/promo/android

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User reviews about the Binomo app

Binomo has thousands of traders around the world who trade online everyday. The traders who obey the platform’s rules and go by the book usually get fair results. It’s best to learn about Binomo by reading the reviews from the real Binomo users:

Eshna J.: “It is an online trading platform with so many investment schemes. Fully satisfied with their services.”

Sakshi B.: “Binomo app is the best way to trade because of its user-friendly platform Must-try apps for once.”

Rohit R.: “Binomo is a safe and secure platform for trading it’s trustworthy website and everyone is earning on a daily basis for their personal and professional use.”

Taabeer A.: “Good platform. Good services!”

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Binomo app is a great alternative to the desktop version. Even if you don’t have a computer or just don’t use it often, the Binomo app is always two clicks away from you. Traders can use both the website and the mobile app (also the Binomo Apk), and switch between them whenever needed. However to make a more detailed analysis, and utilize the all-inclusive features, the desktop version is the best choice. 

Binomo creates a comfortable and honest environment for online trading. It provides all kinds of materials and technological development to make you feel comfortable while online trading. Overall advantages of Binomo for a trader:

  • Easy to use mobile application.
  • Free education materials.
  • Free training through a demo account.
  • Different strategies for all level traders to get stronger forecasts.
  • A personal account manager that helps with trade (for Gold and VIP accounts).
  • Bonuses.
  • 7/24 support services support@binomo.com
  • Fast withdrawal (it depends on the account type and the payment method).
  • Insurance (for Gold and VIP accounts).

Please remember that even though you are a professional trader, you risk a part or all of your funds every time you trade. Binomo doesn’t promise any guarantee to successful deals. Rather, it provides all kinds of opportunities and materials that you need to become a professional trader. The result is up to your hard work and experience.

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