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Have you heard of one of the biggest online trading platforms in India? Binomo is a platform that enables people to trade online from their PC, phones and tablets. The company was founded in 2014 as a part of Dolphin Corp in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company is devoted to providing high-quality services for traders. 

Binomo trading is safe. Additionally, you can get extra income if you are willing to master your trading skills and learn the strategies. If you are not familiar with Binomo or want to learn more about the company, please continue reading our Binomo review. 

What is Binomo?

binomo website

Binomo is an online trading platform that allows you to invest and trade different assets: currency pairs, commodities are among these assets. To trade on, you must choose an asset. For example, let’s say you selected the USD/EUR currency pair. Now, you need to predict whether this currency’s value will rise or fall within the time period you set. To get funds on your deposit, your prediction must be correct. However, be aware that making accurate predictions is not a simple job. First, you have to learn strategies, practice, and improve yourself in online trading.

Reviews from real Binomo traders

Nick F.: “Everything is in order. By the way, you can look at strategies in the Strategy section and try on a demo account.”

Sanju P.: “I’ve been earning an excellent experience with Binomo for more than a year and I do not regret anything. At first, I worked with different platforms, but now I realized that it’s better to invest all forces here.”

Devendra M.: “Binomo brings quite some additional income, and work with him well.”

Register on Binomo and get $10000 to your demo account


binomo benefits

Binomo is a platform that is friendly to its customers and always thinks about their comfort. The benefits that Binomo provides vary according to the account type you have. First, let’s check the benefits that every Binomo com user has access to:

  • Free education.
  • A demo account where you can practice your online trading skills.
  • 7/24 customer support.
  • Binomo strategies for traders of all levels
  • Binomo supports 13 languages, including Hindi.
  • Glossary to understand the terms on the website better.
  • Tournaments to make trading more pleasant and interesting.

Apart from the advantages we listed above, there are some extra benefits for the Standard, Gold and VIP account owners.

Advantages of a Standard Account

  • Available for $10.
  • Access to 40+ assets.
  • Withdrawal funds within 3 days (sometimes longer).
  • Up to 100% deposit bonuses.
  • Up to 85% profitability.

Advantages of a Gold Account

  • Cumulative account, available after a total of $500.
  • Access to 50+ assets.
  • Withdrawal funds within 24 hours (sometimes it can take up to 3 days or more, depending on your payment system).
  • Up to 150% deposit bonuses.
  • Up to 90% profitability.
  • Up to 5% cashback for unprofitable trades.
  • Insurance.
  • Personal account manager.

Advantages of a VIP Account

  • Cumulative account, available after a total of $ 1000.
  • Access to 55+ assets.
  • Withdrawal funds in a few hours (sometimes it can take up to 3 days or more, depending on your payment system).
  • Up to 200% deposit bonuses.
  • Up to 90% profitability.
  • Up to 10% cashback for unprofitable trades.
  • Insurance.
  • Personal account manager.
  • The ability to conclude risk-free transactions.

Additional features

Every type of account on Binomo has its own basic features. Besides these, there are also some additional features such as VIP tournaments, happy hours, and bonuses. 

Happy hour: Both Gold and VIP account owners can benefit from Happy Hour. During happy hours there are usually extra prizes and bonuses given to the traders.

VIP tournament: VIP tournaments are organized for the VIP members, and the prize pool is quite big.

Bonuses: Binomo provides different types of bonuses to enable the traders to get income extra. No deposit bonus (25% to the amount), for example, is given to everyone who registered on Binomo and deposited on their accounts. There are also other replenishment bonuses that change according to the account types. If you have a Gold or VIP account, you may get some extra bonuses from your personal manager.


binomo demo

Binomo demo account is a great place for beginner traders to understand the system of the Binomo website and how to make a trade. A trader trades only with virtual money on a demo account. In the beginning, $10000 is funded by Binomo and cannot be used as real funds. Once you finish the amount in your demo account, Binomo replenishes it. 

The aim of the demo account is to enable traders to learn what Binomo trading is and how it works. But, to start earning real extra income, you have to trade through other accounts, as we explained above.

Register on Binomo and get $10000 to your demo account


Binomo tournaments are a great way to double the joy of online trading. To join a tournament, you should log in to your Binomo account and click on the trophy button on the left-hand side. There are two types of tournaments: the ones that require a participation fee and free ones. The Daily Free tournament is available for demo account holders.

You will join tournaments with a separate account, which is designed only for the tournaments. Each tournament requires a separate tournament account. That way, a trader can simultaneously join different tournaments. 

The aim of the tournaments varies as well. For example, in a tournament, the goal can be to have the highest balance at the end or to have the highest turnover.


In any case that you think you need help, you can reach out to Binomo support on 7/24 at There is also a Binomo Help Center where you can find the answer to your basic questions such as withdrawing funds or email confirmation.


Binomo is one of the biggest online trading platforms aiming to provide good quality and high standard services to its customers. Yet, don’t forget that Binomo doesn’t offer you to earn a lot of funds. Binomo just clears the way to get additional income for traders. It provides free education, a demo account, and strategies. But be aware that there is always a possibility of losing a part or all of your deposit.

Enter the Binomo world today and become a real Binomist!
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